Welcome to My Home Page

Welcome to my website!  I am Stephen Noseck, Square Dance Caller and instructor in the Greater Seattle, WA area.  My desire is that this website will provide you with information about upcoming Dances/Lessons/Workshops/Weekends etc.

Square Dancing is the official dance of Washington State.  Square Dancing offers physical & mental stimulation and a large circle of friends who share your interests.  Most health advice includes the suggestion to add just what square dancing provides so we think that you will enjoy tremendous benefit from giving our activity a try!

Square Dancing provides light aerobic exercise in an environment where you meet lots of friendly people. You might end up meeting your next best friends! The mental exercise of learning the calls and training yourself to respond quickly while working as a team with the other people in your square makes this activity just what the doctor ordered!

And most importantly SQUARE DANCING IS LOTS OF FUN!

Let’s have some fun and dance!!!

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